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Corporate Image Consolidation with flexibility.

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Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-12
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Many customer, when driving to reduce their TCO by reducing the number of images maintained, run into a problem when attempting to get all of the divisions of a company to agree on what the standard configuration load should be. This problem definition and solution is an excellent method to solve the problem.

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Corporate Image Consolidation with flexibility .

Today, many of our customers want to reduce the their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the deployment and maintenance of their PCs . One of the best methods to accomplish this is to reduce the number of solutions (Images) that are maintained in a large corporate environment therefore driving out cost. ImageUltra is one method to accomplish this. However, the major problem/hurdle in doing this is getting all of the divisions and/or sub-divisions of a large global corporation to agree on what this new single solution will contain, and what features will be implemented. Getting to this point can be very time consuming, to the point of, in many cases, being insurmountable . However, almost all corporate customers can tell you what they want in their Base OS image based on their corporate requirements and/or guidelines. A solution that can provide a solid (single) base and still give control to the individual divisions and/or sub-divisions to implement their unique requirements is what is required to solve this problem. The one key to solving this problem is that you need to provide a solution which does not require the details for the specific divisional enhancements to be understood at the time the Corporate OS Base is being deployed . It must have the ability to dynamically add this content as it is developed by each division and/or sub-group within the division.

The second major problem is getting an entire corporation to start using this single base solution on day one. The same method used to solve the problem above will also facilitate a gradual adoption of the Corporate OS Base solution over time . Not everyone needs to start using it on day one or they can elect to use the base as is and add their customizations manually at a later time.

Today, the only real solution is to make multiple solutions (images) that contain the unique customizations for each division and/or sub-divisions thus duplicating work and driving up TCO.

Technical References:

Gartner Group has many publications that outline the details and higher costs of maintaining PC this way.

The following invention provides a solution to this problem :


Allow the customer to see the TCO benefits of Corporate Image Consolidation without requiring all divisions and /or departments in the corporation to be compliant on day one. Allows the customer to set a hardware/software standard for a Corporate Base. While at the same time providing flexibility for their divisions that cannot consolidate in the beginning. Provides the customer with the time to work on consolidating all of their I /T


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efforts in this area by giving them a solid foundation from which to work . Allows for divisional I/T shops to still have control over the content and ease acceptance of the Corporate solution. Provides flexibility in the solution that are delivered and simplifies large roll outs with its diskette and/or CD-ROM scanni...