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File downloads to a non-local machine via Web Browsers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029773D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-12
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Downloading files via a web browser to a remote machine via protocol-selectable methods

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File downloads to a non-local machine via Web Browsers

The idea addressed in this publication is the downloading of a file from the internet via a local machine, such as a laptop or desktop workstation, and saving it to a different remote machine other than the one the web browser is running on. Current solutions involve downloading it to the local machine the web browser runs on, and then doing a file transfer over to the remote machine that the file is wanted on. Another option is to export the display from a remote machine to the local machine, and start a web browser on the remote machine and initiate the download which will then go to a remote machine. The drawbacks of saving it first to the local machine and then ftp'ing it can be many, including the extra steps, file space limitations on the local machine. The problem with exporting a display back involves having a web browser on the remote machine, which may not.

The core idea is when a link is selected to download a file via a web browser, or a link is selected and does a save as bringing up the local directory structure, to have an option to save it to a remote machine and remote directory structure. The advantage of this is many, including addressing the limitations above, but also things such as downloading a patch for an application/operating system bug directly to a machine that might not have the ability to go to a web site and get it if one were local to the machine. Also if the machine is within...