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Dual-feed Monitor Alerts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029776D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-12
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Dual-feed monitors can take as input video feeds from two different computers. The user usually views one of these feeds and uses a switch on the monitor itself to change to the other one. If the user receives email or an instant message on the currently unviewed display,user will not get a visual notification, since user is viewing the display of the other computer. A hardware modification to the computer monitor along with a daemon that runs on the unviewed machine that will make this visual notification available to the user.

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Dual-feed Monitor Alerts

Let's say that the user is currently viewing machine A and wants to receive visual notifications from machine B. A daemon running on machine B will be programmed to scroll a text message across the bottom of the B display indicating that an email/instant message has been received e.g. it will scroll text of the form "Email from John Doe". Of course, the user looking at the display of A cannot yet see this scrolling text. The monitor hardware will be modified in the following manner: While displaying video feed A, if the monitor detects any changes in feed B, it will overwrite that portion of the actual display (currently showing feed A) with the changes happening on feed B. Thus the user who is looking at the display for A, will now see scrolling text from display B in only a portion of the monitor.


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