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National Character Mapping Tool: nlschar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029810D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-13
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Disclosed is a character mapping tool which provides an easy way get a character name, character value or character itself from any character property fields in any supported code pages. Besides being a UNIX** command line program, nlscharmap can be also used as a subroutine, or can be modified as a web based application.

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National Character Mapping Tool: nlschar

  Most applications are globalized because of increased globalization revenue in the past ten years. In globalization, it is crucial to identify a character value and render it on screen for different languages and code pages. One of the important features in globalization enablement is to display, transfer and store national characters. Therefore correctly mapping character name and character value is the essential step in most globalization functions. In Unicode* code page, for example, it is not easy to map a Unicode character to related character name or UTF-8 schemed value in 96,382 Unicode characters (Unicode Version 4.0) without using special character mapping tools. In addition, sometimes the same character value represents different characters in different code pages. It is necessary to develop a character mapping and searching tool to get character mapping information.

Figure: A web based nlscharmap

nlscharmap is a tool which provides an easy way to input any of the fields


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associated with character mapping (such as character name, character value, character itself or Unicode code point), and to get the related character properties in most code pages. A unique or novel feature of this tool is that it accepts a character as input in all supported code pages making nlscharmap more convenient for character mapping. Even an inexperienced globalization user will have no problem to get character mapping information from a character by cutting and pasting in nlscharmap. Figure shows that a web based...