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Electronic Book with Remote Library for Displaying Documents, Images and Drawings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029875D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-15
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The electronic book and library are a two unit system that provide convenient access to large volumes of documentation through the use of a light weight, easily readable viewer unit, which communicates with the LAN connected library unit by wireless connection. Separating the viewing unit from data storage provides the following advantages: the viewer is lighter and more robust than a laptop, has a larger display area than a PDA, and does not require expensive form factor data storage. The viewer unit also includes enhanced usability software.

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Electronic Book with Remote Library for Displaying Documents, Images and Drawings

The Viewer unit:

* The viewer unit connects to the library via wireless network. * The viewer unit can use either the onboard batteries or a transformer powered by wall outlet. * The viewer unit should be generally have the form factor of a book, and be as easy to use. * The viewer must display both text and graphics, and support 256 colors at a minimum. * The display area should be paper-white by default, with controls to adjust the brightness and contrast. * The viewer user should be able to select an area of the screen with a stylus and enlarge that area regardless of the underlying document format. * The viewer user should be able to take notes either free hand with a stylus, or by selecting letters from a graphic keyboard, or by a PDA-like system for recognizing letters.
* The viewer must have a hard protective lid that: -- can be used as a clip board to protect the viewer surface while the user writes on paper with a conventional pen or pencil -- to store a small amount of paper on the inside when the lid is closed -- fold backwards to act as a stand to hold the viewer up at a convenient viewing angle. * The viewer should be able to display two pages of text at the same time. This will allow the user to 'keep' one page while 'flipping' through the document to reference another. Ideally the two page should not be required to be in the same document. * The viewer unit must be wat...