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Traveller Portal for hand held PDA device 'Traveller Portal for multiple devices' Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029895D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-16
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Traveller Portal for hand held PDA device 'Traveller Portal for multiple devices'

Traveller Portal for Hand Held PDA Device

The disclosed invention is a Traveller Portal for Hand Held Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices, where:
* Travellers are people undertaking a journey
* Portal presents the user an integrated view of the aggregated content relevant to all stages of their journey, and is accessible in both an online (network-connected) and offline (disconnected from the network) mode
* Hand Held PDA Device is any non-traditional PC device which contains a processor, an operating system, persistent storage, network connectivity and user interface for viewing data and entering data and commands

First publicly demonstrated in Sydney, Australia in August 2001 to an audience of Asia-Pacific airline industry executives at an IBM marketing event, the Traveller Portal includes:

* Device and server-side logic: o Device side logic which drives the user experience when the device is not connected to the network
o Server side logic which aggregates and monitor content for this individual, eg monitors changes in data such as flight data and notifies the user of a change relevant to their journey
* A user interface with presentation data in device-specific mark-up language (eg HTML, WML) formatted to suit the form factor of the device and rendered for display in the device's browser
* Wireless or wireline Network connectivity for: o synchronising data and content on the devi...