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SO Account Management Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029898D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-16
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SO Account Management Method


Disclosed is a method for managing the health of Strategic Outsourcing Accounts. The method consists of a standard set of management focus areas. This method has been automated via a spreadsheet (available) which provides the set of focus areas and the template for capturing and reporting on these focus areas.

Key issue

In the Strategic Outsourcing area there was no form of common management reporting. This method & spreadsheet were developed to solve this problem.


Common practices enables better management Allows sector level views and overall SO view Relevant management information can be delivered quickly and precisely at various management levels. Central Lotus Notes Repository enables easy access for authorized executives.

Method Detail:

The reports are completed and submitted monthly by each account via a Lotus Notes Database. These reports are reviewed by the sector services executive. The reports are also used to generate a rolled up version of the reports by Sector for presentation to the services GM. Each account level report consists of a standard set of management focus areas as follows:

Account Description


      Summary of financial and event history of the account as well as current account contact details.

Account Plan

Summary of the current years account plan Objectives and Key Initiatives. Key initiatives are broken into 5 categories

1)GP/Cost Management
2)Revenue/New Business
3) Service Delivery