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Handle Determinants: An instrument for partially overriding handle based c-runtime services. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029961D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-20

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Handle determinants are a management instrument for dealing with programs needing to partially override c-runtime supplied handle based services. A service could be, for example, file input/output, communications, or references to operating system objects (e.g. bitmaps). "Partially overridden" means that there exists the potential for a program to need to reference both the overridden service and original service simultaneously using distinctive handles. Handle A, for example may reference a communication channel provided by the overridden service, and handle B might reference a file on the local file-system for which the original service is responsible. "Partially overridden" is the significant problem that Handle Determinants attempt to solve. In contrast to "partially overridden", a complete function override might be implemented by completely bypassing c-runtime function calls using preprocessor macro definitions to replace standard calls with an overridden variety.