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Boiling Reactor – Reactive Distillation in Polymerizing Ethylene Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029970D
Publication Date: 2004-Jul-20

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In a solution polymerization of ethylene removing excess heat of polymerization is important. This could be done using a boiling reactor where part of the solvent boils to remove excess heat. This could be accomplished in a reactor with two interconnected compartments. The reactor contents are circulated in such a way that boiling occurs in the larger compartment circulating the contents upward. The cold recycled condensate and fresh feed are fed into the smaller compartment causing the contents to sink. An agitator promotes the circulation between the reactors. Or the reactor could be operated under conditions where two liquid phases can coexist. The heavier polymer rich phase would collect at the reactor bottom, will not circulate through the reactor and will be withdrawn and fed into the polymer recovery part of the process. The polymerization will occur in the solvent rich phase and the polymer will separate and replenish the polymer rich phase. The solvent rich phase will recalculate and boil and thus the heat of polymerization would be removed.