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Improved asynchronous magnetic coupling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029971D
Publication Date: 2004-Jul-20

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Current status: Drive train for down hole applications Mud turbines are used to generate electrical and hydraulic power in the BHA. The rotational Power of the Mud turbine is transferred with a magnetic coupling into the hydraulic-housing (Probe). Inside the Probe, an Alternator ore pump is transforming the rotational power into electricity or hydraulic power. [Figure 1 - Drive train with asynchronous coupling as invented in 414-35024-US] 2. Invention: improved Asynchronous magnetic coupling The invention is a new asynchronous magnetic coupling with a primary coil outside the probe housing. This asynchronous magnet coupling consists of a permanent magnet in the turbine and a fixed coil around the probe housing. [Figure 2 – improved asynchronous magnetic coupling] The primary coil has a switchable electrical connection with an asynchronous Electromotor driving the hydraulic pump. It is possible to integrate an electrical gear transmission ratio onto the system This invention provides a mud-turbine-unit with: • No risk of coupling separation • A compact switchable magnetic coupling without sliding contacts and rotating shaft electronic • Less parts in the power train and an increase in energy efficiency on the power train • Integrated electrical gear transmission ratio and rotational speed control 3. Abstract Advantages of the new coupling are: 1. the risk of coupling separation can be solved, 2. the coupling becomes switchable and even controllable and 3. the design is compact with less parts and better energy efficiency on the power train. This new technology creates a larger range of application for magnetic couplings. It is compatible but not limited to different down hole applications, such as the hydraulic power generation inside of the Gripper of the TesTrak, the steering ribs of CoilTrak and the smaller sizes of ATK as well as for VertiTrak. Asynchronous magnetic coupling represents superior technology and needs to be protected.