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On Demand J2EE Application Server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030029D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-23
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This disclosure is for a transient, temporary running instance of a J2EE application server that requires no configuration and no clean up or uninstall.

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On Demand J2EE Application Server

The idea is that you can install and run a J2EE enterprise application (EAR file) on any machine without having to install and configure an application server. It can exist temporarily, meaning when it is stopped no trace of the server will be found on the machine. Or it can be static, meaning that when it is stopped the server and installed application will still be in the file system of that machine. The application and server configuration information would be included in the application package (for example an EAR file). This transient app server would be helpful for testing environments and other environments where extra resources are needed quickly or perhaps a grid environment.

This idea relieves users from having to know how to install and configure an Application Server to run a J2EE application. This will simplify the distribution and running of J2EE applications. You can use a settings file to dictate which ports to use for HTTP, ORB and other protocols. "onDemandConfig.xml". Port conflicts could be handled by the launchServer container, so the user never needs to change these. However, the user would have the option to change these ports on the fly, if needed.

This idea could be implemented in such a way that if you were in a browser window, for example, File explorer, and you selected an EAR file and then right clicked, you would be presented with options to start or stop or modify the runtime properties of the EAR f...