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Soft opening and landing of trimmer for shavers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030055D
Publication Date: 2004-Jul-26
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Soft opening and landing of trimmer for shavers

Commercial used shavers mostly have a trimmer for cutting longer hairs. These trimmers can have spring-released constructions to put the long hair trimmer from a rest position into a working position.  The trimmer pops up with uncontrolled speed of an opening spring and smashes against an end stop.

This publication comprises the use of friction to reduce the speed of the pop-up trimmer. In order to reduce rattling, the trimmer is slowed down by a friction element. The friction element consists of conical parts on the rotations axes of the trimmer and conical parts in the holes in the shaver housing. A pre-tensioned spring is pushing the conical parts of the axes in the conical parts of the holes (F spring), causing friction between the conical elements, thus damping the opening speed and reducing the rattle of the trimmer against the end stop.

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