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Method To Handle ODCS Delivery Plans And Standards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030088D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-27
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The method for handling On Demand Delivery Plans and Standards is a tactical methodology which addresses the activities that define the operational standards for customers who share a common computing resource. The method promotes activities that develop and maintain the planning for each and all customers, and thereby supports the customers operational support plans within the On Demand environment while negating or minimizing the impact of other customers on that same platform.

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Method To Handle ODCS Delivery Plans And Standards

A method is disclosed that has been designed as a tool to address customer delivery plans and standards. The problem solved is the ability to minimize and / or negate the impact to other customers who are processing on a shared platform. In this environment, On-Demand, the customers are boarded on shared platforms, where computing resources are shared by multiple clients. Each customer contract includes resource specifications, with the opportunity to grow or contract within a range as needed. These specifications include the definitions for the Long Term Operational Plan (LTOP) and the Short Term Operational Schedule (STOS). A customer may exceed their resource utilization range, which may impact that customers performance as well as the event may impact the overall performance and availability of the shared resource which may impact the operability standards established for other customers. The method's goal is not only to optimize the delivery plans for each of the customer, but take appropriate actions to readjust the LTOP and STOS plans to ensure optimum services are provided.

Specifically, the method defines and maintains the specific operability standards for each customer on a shared platform while being sensitive to the operability of all of the customers who share the resource. Handle ODCS Delivery Plans and Standards method includes analyzing requests which influence the LTOP and / or the STOS with a focus on the request requirements against the available resources. Determining or balancing the workload requirement(s) to meeting customer demands is included in both the LTOP and STOS. To accomplished this, the method is a proactive set of activities which includes the interpretation of the requirements and creating planning data for an integrated ODCS Operational Plan which is sensitive to all customers who share that platform and / or other system resources.

This method describes a method for establishing and maintaining operability standards for the Information Technology (IT) computing resources in an IT data center responsible for the delivery of "on-demand" IT infrastructure services to multiple business entities. In this context a "business entity" could be a business unit within the same organization as the delivery center or a business unit from another organization, such as occurs in the outsourcing business model. Also, in this context "On-Demand" refers to a business model with the following attributes:

Services are individually contracted upon request without need for a previous contract between parties for general IT infrastructure services IT computing services are provided to customers without regard to the physical equipment used to provide those services Infrastructure computing devices are defined as standard components, and only those standard components are used to provide computing system services to customers, unless otherwise contracted Infrastruct...