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Method for a wafer hole Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030171D
Publication Date: 2004-Jul-30
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Disclosed is a method for a wafer hole. Benefits include improved functionality.

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Method for a wafer hole

Disclosed is a method for a wafer hole. Benefits include improved functionality.


              A conventional silicon wafer is a round disc (see Figure 1).

              The increasing size of wafers results in problems with warpage, ease of handling/transportation, and storage. Conventionally, these problems are addressed with the following solutions:

•             Definition of an acceptable warpage tolerance

•             Extra care with respect to wafer handling/transportation

•             Modification of wafer storage


      The disclosed method includes the insertion of a hole at the wafer center to provide ease of wafer processing, handling/transportation, and storage.

              A hole is cut into a wafer at the center to provide a means of mounting or holding contact and minimizing the risk of wafer warpage and damage due to wafer size (diameter). A diamond cutter creates the hole, producing a wafer that has a look similar to a compact disc (see Figure 2).


      The disclosed method provides advantages, including:
•             Improved functionality due to providing an easier way to hold/mount a wafer to prevent warpage
•             Improved functionality due to enabling the creation of improved wafer transportation and storage methods

·        Provide ways for processing both sides of wafer simultaneously

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

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