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Distributed Aggregated Multi-protocol Poller Using a Common Event Transport Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030254D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-03
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Disclosed is a method for driving a collection of distributed pub/sub multi-protocol pollers via common based events.

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Distributed Aggregated Multi-protocol Poller Using a Common Event Transport

IT management solutions often consist of several types of data gatherers and analyzers to monitor systems and network infrastructures. When each data gatherer implements a proprietary polling engine, often there is duplicity of polling, resulting in unnecessary network traffic and system utilization. When a distributed model is used, these polling engines usually use proprietary communications with the central application. These communications are often unencrypted and cumbersome. In addition, most implementations are neither easily scalable nor provide adequate failover due to complex configuration and synchronization.

An example of this problem is a network management suite that uses distributed agents for polling. All communications with the agents is via SNMPv1. The central management application must configure, maintain, and handle failover for each agent, a significant administrative task. The suite may also consist of individual applications responsible for their own polling. One application might discover and monitor basic devices on the network using ICMP, another discover and monitor devices with SNMP. A third application gathering SNMP data from devices around the network, and a fourth may be a user running a SNMP browser. Each application is using its own centralized polling or application-dependent distributed pollers.

A common, distributed, stateless poller that is easily and centrally configured, able to be deployed securely across firewalls, and employed by a suite of multi-protocol management applications, is required to solve this problem for an integrated IT management solution.

The core of this invention is the utilization of a secure, firewall-friendly, common event transport infrastructure and easily extensible event definitions. The management applications issue self-defined poll requests. The poller conducts the polls and emits an asynchronous event containing the results. The event traffic is partitioned using event groups. The use of a common event infrastructure allows for the reuse of poller engine t...