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Java-Based System Environment Variable Detector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030257D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-03
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A program is disclosed that retrieves system environment variables that are set and returns those key/value pairs in a Java(tm) HashMap for use in Java(tm) applications. The variables retrieved pertain to those that are accessible by the current user.

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Java-Based System Environment Variable Detector

A Java install program will call the EnvironmentVariableDetector.loadEnv() api which returns a Map of key/value pairs. No object instantiation of the EnvironmentVariableDetector object is needed, so only one additional line of Java code is required within the installation program's install code. Below are the tasks that occur within the EnvironmentVariableDetector object upon the invocation of the loadEnv() api (and Figure 1 to show the code flow).

Provides one public static API 'entry point' that requires no arguments. This API should be

static so instantiation of this environment helper object is not needed. No arguments are required for the API. [ie. public static Map loadEnv();] Sets up a command script that will print out the local environment variables to standard

output. This script should be placed in a directory for which the application has write access [ie. System.getProperty("");]; Via the Java Runtime object, the application invokes the command script, and captures the





standard output. Parses the standard output for key/value pairs and places them into a HashMap.


Figure 1.

Returns the Map to the requesting Java application


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native script

to print env


adjusted on

script as

script invoked
and output is


  output parsed
into key/value
pairs and stored
in a
Java Hashmap


Map of key

/value pairs