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Instant Messaging Participant Suspension Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030258D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-03
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This disclosure allows a moderator or leader of a collaborative message exchange (3 or more messaging participants) to capture a messaging session and halt feedback from the remaining participants.

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Instant Messaging Participant Suspension

Today we collaborate via instant messaging on a regular basis. Electronic message exchange has in most instances taken the place of quick face to face communication. In face to face conversation it can be quite common for side topics to interrupt our conversation. Hence the topic of discussion can quickly deviate to topics that are not relevant to the topic at hand. This phenomenon can occur in instant messaging exchanges also. With face to face communication a participant can quickly pull the meeting back into focus by interrupting the meeting participants by saying something like "Let's get back on track", or "Let's address that issue later". Once this is done the meeting can be refocused and continued. In instant messaging this can also be accomplished by allowing a leader to halt the messaging exchange of participants when the messaging exchange gets derailed. Forcing a halt/suspend to other participants messaging exchanges allows the leader/moderator to temporary suspends the meeting and inject text in the messaging exchange that will refocus the discussion. When the moderator halts the session, only the moderator will be able to type text that can be visually displayed to the other messaging participants. Any comments the messaging participants produce after the session is halted by the leader/moderator of the messaging exchange will be queued on the leaders/moderators server and held for later reference or can be di...