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Method and Apparatus for Streaming Long-running Process Status Updates to a Browser Console Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030259D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-03
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A program is disclosed that renders progressive status information to the administrator when the administrator starts or stops the application servers using the administrative console. Program enhances usability of the administrative console a lot from server administrative perspective.

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Method and Apparatus for Streaming Long -running Process Status Updates to a Browser Console

The invention allows the developer to fetch the events for long running remote processes and render progressive status updates for those processes to a browser. The servlet uses JMX framework to gather events from the JMX aware remote processes and renders the events to the browser progressively. Servlet also uses client-side javascript technology to update the images based on the status of the processes.

The invention uses the J2EE technology extensively for the implementation. When the administrator starts or stops the complex process (application server process to be specific), system invokes the servlet that does the job of issuing the command using the JMX framework. Servlet registers the listener per process to listen to the remote events that are emitted by the JMX Managed Beans. The administrator selects multiple processes to be started or stopped and invokes the action. Console displays the browser with multiple frames . Console displays a frame per each process to be monitored. Frame is the HTML element IFRAME. Console leverages IFRAME to send multiple requests to the status servlet. Status servlet retrieves the parameters necessary to manage the process and registers the listener for each process that needs status monitoring. The listener implements standard JMX NotificationListener interface. The servlet finds necessary Managed Beans and adds the listener(s) f...