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Method and System for Authentication Of A Manually Entered Signature Through an Electronic Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030273D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-04
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Method for Digitially Validating a Manually Entered Signature

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Method and System for Authentication Of A Manually Entered Signature Through an Electronic Device

Herein described is a set of methods for validating manually entered signatures, entered via some digital device such as in a Uscan (automated checkout counter), retail digital signature pad (for credit card transactions), internet applications, or any other application where movements forming an individual's signature using some type of data entry device (such as a mouse) needed a digital validation.

This method is described by figure 1.1 from a high level. This figure represents a signature area which might exist on a digital signature pad in a retail environment or in an application on the internet. A signature is entered by the user and various metrics are computed at the time of entry and converted into a small data stream which describes the movements and timings of the signature. This data stream is then transferred to some third party, which in this case is a credit card company. That company can then verify a signature with a varying level of security against a signature database stored in another location which has the certified data stream for every individual. A level of confidence in the new signature is returned back to the third party with a rating from 0% to 100% describing how closely the newly entered signature matched the certified data entry pattern on file for the desired individual. The third party can then decide to accept or reject the new signature as a valid instance of an individual's signature.

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Figure 1.1 High Level Overview of Method

The level of security calculated by the database shown in Figure 1 can also be adjusted simply by asking for a higher level N of security. For each additional N level of security requested, additional security metrics/algorithms are calculated against the data entry pattern, with the thought that for lower levels 1,2,3 th...