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Derivation of Custom Query Specification Interfaces from Parameterized Queries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030302D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-04
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Disclosed is a method of dynamically generating graphical interfaces for entering SQL commands. With this approach, a front-end can be designed for a database application that will supply an intuitive entry form for any number of custom queries.

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Derivation of Custom Query Specification Interfaces from Parameterized Queries

It is often necessary to create GUI applications for accessing data within a database as an alternative to exposing users to complicated SQL; however, when one designs a single front-end that must be applied to a variety of database back-ends, it is difficult, if not impossible to determine a tractable set of functions that will be able to generate every relevant query.

A valuable tool would be a user-friendly means of defining interfaces that can be easily generated once and applied repeatedly to a given data set. This eliminates the need for companies to hire SQL experts to custom-fit a utility to their unique data. An ordinary user who is familiar with nothing more than the use of simple web-based forms can generate parameterized SQL strings that can be saved for similar queries in the future.

The standard format for an implementation is as follows: the user of the query-design utility is presented with a screen that allows him/her to specify a number of parameters and compose a query to be run against the data. The options for defining the criteria are generated using the structure of the data (tables, columns). When the user submits the form, the query is executed with the given parameters, but in the background a new query is generated in which variable fields are substituted for the values within the criteria.


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When the user later selects this query, a GUI is genera...