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Consolidated Graphical Interface for Tabular Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030303D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-04
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Disclosed is a method of displaying tabular data that allows a set of columns exceeding the total width of the container to be shown simultaneously. The need for scrollbars is eliminated through an intuitive interface that provides a common view for all values in any given row.

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Consolidated Graphical Interface for Tabular Data

A tabular format is often used to present information but in order to make use of the traditional grid layout, it is necessary to have enough horizontal space to display all of the columns simultaneously. The only alternative that is in common practice today is to provide a scrollable interface such that only a portion of the columns are visible at any given time; this is not desirable because it takes elements out of context and it is necessary to scroll sideways while retaining in memory (human) what horizontal you are traversing as well as the other elements in that horizontal.

This invention makes it possible to show many more columns simultaneously; with all data available in one screen, connections can be immediately made with no need for frantically scrolling as one struggles to remember the column values in previous screens.

One possible implementation is as follows: Javascript is used to draw a rectangular structure on a webpage, such that one column is represented horizontally with the name of the column at the top (with the sort order if applicable) and the elements of the records below. To the left and/or right of the horizontal column are a number of vertical columns; if the mouse cursor is not within a particular element's box, these side columns display the names of the columns, but if the mouse cursor is in a particular box then that box is highlighted and the side columns display the elements appl...