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Method to Create Javadoc-like Documentation in HTML for the Rose Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030333D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-06
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A program is disclosed to transform Rose models to Javadoc-like documents indexed by model packages and classes. This type of document is data centric and familiar with by most Java users and developers.

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Method to Create Javadoc -like Documentation in HTML for the Rose Model

Starting with version 5.0.0, IBM WebSphere Application Server uses XML as its system management repository format. The schemas of the XML documents are defined in the Rose models. To read/write data from/to the XML documents, one can use EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) generated APIs from the Rose models. Wsadmin is a WebSphere scripting tool used by a system administrator for managing WebSphere's configuration data. The script commands of the tool are defined and implemented using generated model APIs and the parameters of the commands are basically defined in the model. For WebSphere system administrators to use wsadmin tool efficiently, they must know what model classes, attributes, and associations were defined so they know what parameters should be provided for the scripting commands. Unfortunately, there are no suitable documents for this purpose. By using the RationalRose tool, one can publish models as HTML documents that allow a user to view models without installing RationalRose. This type of document is useful for a model designer but not useful for regular users because it requires knowledge of UML (Universal Modeling Language). Another possible document is the Javadoc of generated model APIs. Unfortunately, this type of document is API centric but not data centric. Also, the documentation fields defined in the model are excluded in the generated APIs during the EMF model generation process. The program gives an innovative solution by applying XSL transform on XMI documents and generating HTML pages. These HTML pages are far more superior to standard JavaDoc API because they are data-centric. This program takes rose model files (.cat files) as an input. Pro...