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Dissipating Sametime Windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030340D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-06
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Disclosed is a method that will dissipate or fade instant messaging windows after a period of inactivity from the sender and or the receiver's desktop.

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Dissipating Sametime Windows

We are constantly using instant messaging windows to communicate with our colleagues and friends. From instant messaging windows it is quite common to track the status of incoming messages. For example in Lotus Sametime a message is displayed that says "User 1 is typing". This message is a indicator that the user is typing and a response is forthcoming. However in some instances the user sending the message may be distracted and only completes part of the response and gets pulled away to do other things or has to leave the computer for some reason. The receiver of the messaging exchange is left waiting for some response from the sender that ultimately may not come for some time or may not come at all (user decides to not respond and closes the messaging exchange connection).

In this disclosure we propose that after a certain period of time the Sametime window can be completely removed from the sender's and the receiver's desktop. On the sender's side of the instance message communication, once the messaging window is removed from the sender desktop, the user may want to note with a special icon that she/he is due a response from a messaging exchange buddy. On the receiver's side of the messaging exchange session a special icon can be added to the receiver's buddy list that indicated you are due to respond to one of the members in your buddy list and the transcript of the messaging exchange can be saved for further reference.