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Voicemail Box Option in Voice Conference Calls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030341D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-06
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Disclosed is a method for adding additional voice conferencing options that allow a voice conference leader/moderator to leave status messages for fellow conference participants in the event that other unplanned engagement occurs.

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Voicemail Box Option in Voice Conference Calls

Conference call in number are provided when uses are not in the same place and need to communicate verbally (voice conference call). In most cases a primary contact will setup the call and will act as the moderator/leader of the call. Participants that join the call are give a code which will connect them to their specific voice conference. In some cases participants may join the call early before the call leader has joined or activated the conference call. In this particular scenarios if a voice conference participant has to unexpectedly leave the call due to another engagement there is presently no current option available for them to leave a message for the moderator of the call. If the participant is network connected the participant can send a instant message or a email however if the participant is mobile and does not have easy access to the network they are virtually left with no options. Either the participant has to wait until the moderator or a second party joins the call to deliver the message. To solve this delemina, additional voice conference options should be implemented. These addional options should allow a voice conference participant to leave a status message for the call leader in a temporary voice message box when and unplanned engagement occurs. As the call leader is in the process of activating or joining the call, the leader will be promoted to listen to messages that voice participants leave before she/he is joined to the conference call. In addition, if th...