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Minimizing vCard Email Spamming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030384D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-09

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vCards are electronic business cards that are used similarly to their counterpart, the physical business cards, to exchange information through electronic devices. They contain directory information such as name, address, fax, voice, URL and e-mail address, as well other features not present in physical cards such as audio and video graphics. The demand and use of this technology will grow as more people learn and adopt this new medium for exchanging pertinent information. Already many have seen or experience first hand the effects of e-mail spamming. Unlike physical mail, e-mail does not incur cost on the sender. With vCards, spamming can be a problem, especially for businessmen who regular use vCards as a form for contact. To protect the vCard user and minimize spamming; this invention idea is to use generated temporary e-mail addresses that are propagated to the vCard user's e-mail server. The user's e-mail server will create an account base on the mailbox name. A default configuration option is applied to the mailbox: how long the box will exist, whether the box will forward the e-mail to another box, etc. The invention idea is the automatic generation of temporary mailboxes specifically for vCards and transmitting this to the mail server for creation. Current known solutions available include mail servers that allow for temporary creation of email addresses through different interfaces (web pages, scripts) but do not allow integration to other forms of media.