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Preemptive Automotive Diagnostic and Advisory System and Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030391D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-09
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This invention is a system and method for providing preemptive automotive service advisories and warnings in response to onboard computer diagnostic module problem detection, using wireless technologies.

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Preemptive Automotive Diagnostic and Advisory System and Method

    Modern vehicles have complex computer systems capable of detecting and storing error data. Additionally, methods exist for transmitting data through various IEEE standards to a wireless access point. The combining of these technologies, incorporated with new business processes, allows for the solution to the problem at hand. It may be of value at this point to discuss the advantages derived by the wireless transmission of error conditions. While onboard computers may have access to a predefined set of error codes, other centralized repositories may contain finer granularity and historical data which may be of assistance in diagnosing a specific error. As a specific example, suppose that a 2001 model of a particular car has, upon retrospect and historical data, a high propensity to develop fuel injector problems, which are ultimately caused by a faulty electrical connection to those injectors. Legacy automotive art may indicate, in all likelihood, merely a "check engine condition" existing or, at best, specifics related to "faulty fuel injectors." However, if such internally-detected codes can be compared against a database of known issues, then additional detail may be brought to light, such as the correlation of the fuel injector problem with an underlying-but-not-immediately-obvious electrical fault. Again, the art described here permits the use of such centralized databases and diagnostics tools, via wireless means, to provide accurate and timely "health checks" of a vehicle's condition, back to the vehicle's owner. The art described here is a system and method, combined with a business model, which provides a preemptive notification system when errors are detected via the vehicle's onboard computer. Rather than simply storing error code data, and perhaps even illuminating a dashboard light for some period of time, this art would transmit error data via wireless techniques, to an end-point such as an automotive dealership, for analysis. In the preferred embodiment, the error data end point would be an authorized manufacturers service facility, which would be best suited to analyze the error condition. Additionally, if the vehicle owner frequents a specific service dealership, this would be the preferred destination for the error data, or, if it is determined by GPS or by transmission point origin, that the vehicle is outside of its normal service area, such as when the operator is on business travel, the data could be forwarded to the nearest authorized dealer. Upon analyzing the data, the automotive service business would then contact the vehicle owner and inform them of the error condition, possible causes, possible solutions, and estimated costs for each possible scenario. The present art could be implemented as a subscription service by the dealership, a public service by the dealership (which would have the benefit of additional service business and potentiall...