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Collaborating messaging improvements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030399D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-10
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Improvement on collaborating messaging

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Collaborating messaging improvements


    Diffusion of the distributed computing systems throught internet is supported by continuous evolutions in communications. In fact one of the key drivers of internet is improving communications. One of the biggest family of tools used in this area, is the family regarding messaging and collaborations. In this family there are all the tools we use for quick chatting. The peculiarity of this tool is to work in real time. In any place you are, you can log and access a virtual community where you can exchange messages and info with the other in the community.

    Here after an example of how a messaging and collaboration tool can be implemented.

1. You access the server of the tool
2. The server ask you to login for controlling your certificates
3. Once you are logged in, the server shows you all the people currently connected
4. you can select one of those and start a discussion

For example,

Dom. "How are you ?" Guido. "Very well, thanks" Dom. "Where are you" Guido. "I'm in Rome for a meeting" Dom."I'm in Rome as well, we can have a lunch"

    The problem is the messaging and collaboration tools, are designed to manage a virtual environment and does not provide logistic information that can be usefull as well to establish relation and communications.

    For example, one of the main information would be usefull is to understand where the people is logged.


    There are various solution that can be used to solve the aforementioned pr...