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Optical Projection Tomography for 3D Microscopy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030403D
Publication Date: 2004-Aug-11

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An optical image reconstructing apparatus comprising a) a laser; b) an optical means for focusing a laser beam from said laser within the volume of an sample object, collecting light emitted, and directing the light collected toward one or more photosensitive detectors; c) an image pickup means for converting the images of said object into respective electrical image signals, and for outputting said respective electrical image signals; d) a moving means for successively rotating said object at a predetermined angular interval about an axis which intersects a point on an optical axis of said first optical means, and translating said sample in a direction perpendicular to said rotation axis; e) software means for deconvoluting electronic signals received from said photosensitive detectors into three-dimensional image; and f) means for displaying said three-dimensional image; whereby the three dimensional fine structure of said sample can be easily visualized.