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Low Stress Ion Transport Membrane (ITM) Structures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030405D
Publication Date: 2004-Aug-11
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Low Stress Ion Transport Membrane (ITM) Structures

The typical design of an ITM Oxygen system includes a thin membrane "working area." Other components such as support structures are also needed. It is desirable to use the same ITM material to fabricate all of the components. This means that oxygen will flow through all components, not just the membrane. Because all of the components but the membrane are relatively thick, the contribution of these other components to the total oxygen flow is slight.

There are several sources of stress in the typical ITM design, but calculations have shown that chemical expansion stresses are dominant in all ITM components. Chemical expansion stresses result from differences in oxygen concentration, not oxygen flow. Non-membrane components are subjected to significant chemical expansion stresses because they have the same concentration difference as the ITM membrane, even though they have negligible flow.

The idea proposed by this disclosure is to control the chemical expansion stresses by significantly reducing or eliminating oxygen transport in the non-membrane components.

There are primarily two methods for reducing the oxygen transport.

(1) Poisoning either of the gas surfaces of the material

(2) Restricting the mass transfer process at either of the gas surfaces

The use of this idea allows the continued use of ITM materials for all components while improving the reliability of ITM design considerably, and more design options can be consi...