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How to hide customer information by using random-number-generated character in testing data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030407D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-12
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how to scramble security-sensitive data in production system for using it in testing environment, when security-sensitive data column is also join key in program-testing.

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How to hide customer information by using random -

-number number-

-generated character in generated character in

testing data

Disclosed is a system for scrambling security-sensitive data for program-testing purpose.

Customer information (such as customer name) of production system must be hidden from programmers for security reason when you use it in testing environment. Replacing customer data column by null or space data is common way ,but when you use customer information as join key column in program-testing , it is necessary to scramble it in some regular way. Shfting a letter of customer data column (such as Caesar cipher) is usual way, but it is easily expected. So, another way of scrambling security-sensitive data is required.

The following is the new scrambling way of security-sensitive data.
1.generate random alphanumeric characters(0-9,A-Z,a-z) by using pseudo-random number based on letters of cutomer info data(security-sensitive data).
2.create customer-info conversion table consisting of cutomer data and its corresponding scrambled

data(generated by 1.).

Sample conversion table is as follows.

<customer name > <random characters>

customer-A snu7923nd8

customer-B 59dhskh93d

customer-C sow84020n4

..... .....

..... .....

3.Encrypt customer info conversion table file by GPG(Gnu Privacy Guard).
4.Encrypt GPG passphrase file by password-embedded GPG exe format program.

If you want test data for program-testing purpose ,you have to do the following in producti...