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Common Integration Architecture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030410D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-12

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Today ’s worldwide enterprise infrastructure implies a demand for universal and easy to use middleware frameworks for seamless integration of enterprise information systems with legacy and new to come enterprise applications. Such frameworks need to be easy to use and scalable, portable and provide great performance. But why? Because today we have an information-centric environment resulting of various technologies like pervasive computing, the Internet, content management, and data explosion (e.g. Data Warehouse), to name only a few. Having seen how fast the half-life period of computer technology decreased over the last two decades, we can only imagine what is coming up next. To keep up pace, integration solution frameworks need to be developed, which are able to provide support at least for most of the resulting integrational problems. The development of Sun's Java** Connector Architecture (JCA) is the first step into the right direction. The Common Integration Architecture (CIA) is an enterprise data integration architecture that is based on JCA technology. The CIA is implemented through an extensive middleware framework that provides for seamless integration of enterprise applications and enterprise information. Using the CIA middleware framework, enterprise information stored on legacy systems (e.g IMS*) and modern datasources (e.g.DB2*, Oracle) is maid available from one single source and is exceptionally easy to retrieve. CIA adds best practices, features and functionality required for a mature enterprise integration solution.