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Detachable Screen for Laptop computer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030475D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-17
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A laptop screen that is detachable from the rest of the laptop computer, thus providing better opportunities for positioning the screen and keyboard independently of one another.

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Detachable Screen for Laptop computer

Disclosed is a laptop screen which is detachable from the body of a laptop computer. By allowing the screen to be positioned independently of the keyboard the computer manufacturer can address health and safety issues of eyesight, focus and head position. As people's age and eyesight deteriorates this causes greater difficulty in focussing on a laptop screen.

    While these issues can be partially addressed by adjusting the laptop screen further away from the eyes, this also moves the keyboard further away from the person causing other physical difficulties in using the computer.

    A solution that is currently available, is the use of a separate screen, plugged into the laptop computer using a standard VGA connector. This of course presupposes the existence and availability of such a screen, and usually such screens are not portable. However, each laptop already has a screen supplied.

    In situations where the user has adequate space, the ability to detach the screen will give the opportunity to position the laptop screen independently of the keyboard (and pointing device). However, in situations where there is limited space, such as on trains and planes, the computer could still remain usable as a single unit.

    The screen will need to have a detachment mechanism which is simple to use and also robust. Possibly this could be via a lock and key. Once the screen has been detached, it will need a support mechanism of some kind to enable...