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Printout notification system using pervasive devices - Let someone know when their printout is ready Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030477D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-17
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Many companies have a need to print and retrieve documents from printers within given time periods, due to confidentiality policies. Whilst it is possible to notify a user over a network of the completion of a printout, there is no indication that the printout has been physically picked up, nor is there an indication of the existence of a printout designated to a user.

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Printout notification system using pervasive devices - Let someone know when their printout is ready

There is a need for a simple system to allow a physical asset to be a key that is used to determine which user needs to be notified and when.

    In one example system, a barcode is printed on the lead page of a document, such the barcode can be used by a scanning device to log its presence. The barcode itself can contain all the relevant information that is required to contact the user for whom the document is destined, without the need for any additional server infrastructure technology for tracking the documents. Several options arise for notifying a user once the document has been printed.

The printer has an attached barcode scanner, and notifies the user using the

details in the barcode and an appropriate communication device, such as an SMS gateway, email system, etc.

The print room contains a barcode scanner. As the printouts are filed manually in

a print rack a scan is made of each one. A notification is sent to the number encoded on the barcode indicating the printout is available. This allows for one person to print a document, but to notify another. It would also be possible for a local timer to be started such that a reminder could be sent to the person who needs to collect the printout if they fail to collect the physical printout. This can be based on a time value stored in the barcode, or in a global setting for all printouts. On collecting the printout a further...