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Management of an application infrastructure via instant messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030615D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-19
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Disclosed is a method for managing a software application infrastructure through Instant Messaging (IM).

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Management of an application infrastructure via instant messaging

Normally applications require intervention at the console to keep them running and available. The drawback of this approach is the need to have access to at least a computer and a Virtual Private Networking connection. In some cases this may require bringing in employees from home or remote locations to provide application support off hours. This lowers team morale, as well as creating delay when solving problems.

Disclosed is an instant messaging interface which allowed the environment to be managed remotely. Then, by connecting the instant messaging client to a cell phone using standard technologies, we were able to monitor and react to environment problems from anywhere at anytime, thus reducing cost to have onsite support .

The system is comprised of:
1. A problem detection system which runs as a scheduled job performing tests on the environment. It generates a very small text report to summarize the availability of the environment.
2. An instant messaging status agent which is available to respond to requests at any time, from a list of authorized users. It runs on an administration server with access to the machines it administers.
3. An instant messaging helper which tells the instant messaging status agent to send reports to a list of interested "subscribers"
4. An action script. This script also resides on the administration machine and provides an easy way for the status bot to perform act...