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Thermal Grease On Demand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030641D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-20

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The existing problem with thermal grease application is that there is no standard form of packaging or process of application. The application is untidy, and un neat. The chemical can be exposed to human skin under normal use and is difficult to remove. Also, there is no set quantity of chemical that is applied with the current packaging, therefore it is up to the human user's discretion. In removing previously applied chemical from processors before applying a new coat, improvised and miscellaneous items are used on processors. The used chemical is then disposed of freely without any containment in random trash recepticles. Long term and counter effects of the uncontrolled chemical use can be found in the process of installation if the amount of chemical applied is in extreme amounts, and if random parts are used the processor/system in use could be damaged. Currently the packaging form of the chemical grease is inconsistent among distributors and uncomfortable to adapt to in an open lab environment. The thermal grease applicator provides a device by which a clean, safe and conserving method can be implemented for applying thermal grease to processors. Another function of the applicator is for cleaning previously used thermal grease from processors in a method by which human contact is not necessary for removal or disposal. Human contact would no longer be necessary for appliation and the user can refrain from consuming too much or too little of the chemical. The packaging would provide an effective way of controlling/disposing of the chemical grease, while also provide an efficient method of applying and removing it.