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Flow Director to Achieve Dual Purpose Cooling with Lateral Flow Heatsink with Side Mounted Fan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030646D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-20

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Current cooling solutions for computer processing units and voltage regulation components are independent of one another. Voltage regulation cooling can be extremely difficult under low airflow conditions experienced in many of our systems. Currect solutions are the addition of extra regulation phases to alleviate high power densities per package, or the use of individual heatsinks epoxied to plastic packages of the VR components, making an inefficient, high cost system thermal solution. Invention is a CPU thermal solution that is comprised of an airflow director that forces high velocity airflow over the voltage regulation components, reducing the component temperature by 15-20%, bringing them below their allowable temperature in worst case scenarios. The invention solves the issue of out-of-spec voltage regulation temperatures without adding cost to the system. The cost of the flow director is a non-adder to the unit price of the heatsink. It also helps cool other board components (i.e. capacitors, inductors, and small resistors) that would have experienced higher temperatures, therefore reducing failure rates of such components.