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Lateral Flow Heatsink with Side Mounted Fan and Dual Phase Technology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030647D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-20

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As thermal and acoustic targets become increasingly more difficult to meet, optimization of a cooling solution is critical. The invention listed is a CPU thermal solution that is comprised of a fan and a heatsink assembled as one entity. The heatsink is comprised of aluminum slugs, aluminum fins and two heatpipes (water filled, hollow copper tubes). The advantages that this heatsink are: 1) Short flow length to reduce laminar boundary layer buildup - result is higher airflow through heatsink. 2) Ducted airflow through entire length of fins. 3) Upper and lower thick aluminum plate design to effectively absorb and dissipate heat. 4) 2 Heatpipes - one vertical and one is 13° from vertical to more effectively spread heat load to the upper base. 5) Dual phase heatpipes allow for efficient thermal solution even at lower power situations. 6) Flow directors to direct the flow which is diclosed separately due to it's independent worth (see disclosure "Flow Director to Achieve Dual Purpose Cooling with Lateral Flow Heatsink with Side Mounted Fan" for more information). 7) 2-3mm Gap between fan and heatsink to reduce acoustic effects.