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Tivoli DM Healthchecker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030681D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-23
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The DM (Distributed Monitor) health check system according to the present publication is a Tivoli Distributed Monitoring system for making sure that endpoints run the subscribed Distributed Monitors (DM).

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Tivoli DM Healthchecker

The DM (Distributed Monitor) health check system is a system for checking if a given endpoint runs all the the Distributed Monitors that have beeen assigned to it. The DM health check system runs on endpoints and on the Spoke TMR (Tivoli Management Region). The Spoke TMR automatically creates a list (data file) of Distributed Monitors that should run on a given endpoint, each time the DM engine of the endpoint is started or restarted or when the DM health check system is distributed to the endpoint. Then the data file is sent by the Spoke TMR to the endpoint. The DM heath check looks at the TMR level for all the Tivoli profiles to which the endpoint and the Tivoli Manager Objects associated with this endpoint subscribe.

Then the DM health check system searches for the Tivoli monitors that are included in the Tivoli profile manager and save these Tivoli monitors in the data file. The DM health check associates the endpoint with the Tivoli Manager objects using the mondmav.resource file. This data file contains the Resource Name and the method used to link the endpoint to the resource. On the Endpoint, the DM health check sysytem checks which are Tivoli monitors that are running at a particular moment. Then the DM health check compares the Tivoli monitors running on the endpoint with the list of Tivoli monitors (data file) that should run on the endpoint.

The DM health check system also checks the Tivoli monitors that return a <none> value....