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Variable-radius Hollow-core fibers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030687D
Publication Date: 2004-Aug-23

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We show how core collapse in a hollow fiber, with its resulting thickening effects on regions adjacent to the core, can be used to maintain bandgap confinement at a fixed wavelength for a bandgap based fiber while at the same time achieving large changes in core diameter. In an exemplary structure based upon an actual fabricated Bragg type fiber that confines 10.6 micrometer light in a hollow core, we demonstrated that a factor of two reduction in core diameter can be obtained while preserving strong bandgap confinement via an approximately 30 percent relative core collapse. In this way, one can vary the core diameter of a given hollow bandgap fiber along its length in order to optimize for different circumstances, such as bends of couplers, or for different applications.