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Automatic slider motor driver enabled by movement of rotor through user interaction with slider part Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030688D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-25

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The slider part of a mobile phone can be opened or closed by a gentle push on the slider part, which enables the slider motor driver. The rotor of the motor is forced to move when the slider part is moved. Due to characteristics of the DC-motor a voltage spike is generated on the motor supply line. This spike triggers the driver to run on the motor, which takes over driving the slider open or close. Alternatively, the motor can be enabled by Hall elements. These electromechanical parts require space. The idea is that the motor unit itself is used to detect whether the slider is moved by the operator pushing the slider. The push on the slider part triggers the motor to start which then drives the slider open or close. When the slider part is pushed by the user the motor rotates (via a spindle or rack and pinion) and generates a spike on the supply line (see fig. 1). The voltage spike on the motor supply line can trigger a multi-vibrator to enable the slider motor driver (see fig. 2).