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Modular HotPlug device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030692D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-23
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This publication shows a method for converting a normal PCI/PCI-X slot into one that supports hot-plug enabled devices.

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Modular HotPlug device

    Disclosed is the concept for a device which will allow the use of any common PCI or PCI-X slot as a hot-pluggable slot. The idea is to create a portable "bridge" of some sort that could be inserted into any PCI slot so that it would monitor the connections between that slot and whatever card is inserted over the "bridge". It will contain an average hot-plug controller that would be managed by a driver in the OS. If we are trying to hot-replace an adapter, the controller will turn off power to the card and allow it to be removed. When a new card is inserted, it will check its speed and turn on power if appropriate.

    The complicated part of such a device is its mechanical properties. The general idea can be appretiated in the following:

This is the concept, but not very practical because it will increase the height of


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the cards when inserted in the slot. It would do it's job if you have cards that are not full height or low profile, and only on machines that have the extra room. Since this does not cover all adapters, we must come up with a different way of implementing it.

    What I thought of is a thin film of non-conducting material that will contain metal traces on the surface to form the bridge. The electricity that would flow through these traces would be under the control of the hot-plug device (using a tri-state buffer or similar logic). Following is an example:

    As yo...