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(RSS) Universal remote control system with device uploadable interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030693D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-23
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Universal Remote Control System with Device Uploadable Interfaces

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(RSS) Universal remote control system with device uploadable interface

     As more and more home entertainment devices enter the home, management of all the remote controls has become a problem. The best solution to the "too many remotes problem" today is the programmable universal remote. While this type of programmable remote can reduce the number of remote controls, it rarely contains all of the specialized functions of the individual remotes it replaced. Our proposal is for a remote control system where the controlled devices are polled by a single remote control device and can push to the remote a HTML or windowing-toolkit like interface.

     The remote control proposed in this disclosure would have a LCD-like screen and touch interface. The firmware in the remote would store and display control profiles uploaded from different polled devices in a manner similar to HTML pages. When the controlled device is first installed, the remote would be commanded to poll for available devices. Each device polled would upload to the remote control information containing the control interface to be displayed.

     Interfaces uploaded from a device to an awaiting remote would contain at least the following data:
1. IR control sequences required for controlling the device
2. Mappings of IR control sequences to widgets

     In addition the above, an interface may contain the following: - New widgets for the remote to use within the interface - Images to integrate into the interface - Menuing s...