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Internet Browser Placeholder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030788D
Publication Date: 2004-Aug-26
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Kim Annon Ryal: INVENTOR


Establish a bookmark or tool that would mark a site for a browser to permit easy return.

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Sony Corporation

Sony Electronics Inc.
IPD Case #50T5828


Internet Browser Placeholder


Establish a bookmark or tool that would mark a site for a browser to permit easy return.


Kim Annon Ryal

Description of the Invention:

Provide a concise technical description of your invention in the format outlined below on the following pages.

1: Explain the problems, issues or needs which led to the invention, and explain how others have addressed these problems, issues or needs., one of my favorite sites, has recently started using multiple pages for their articles (to provide more opportunity for advertising). Although the History in the browser can be used to 'go back' to the page where the threaded article begins, it is sometimes difficult to recognize where the 'top' is and return to it from the history maintained by the browser. You can bookmark the top, but since this often changes, all you do is clutter your Favorites list.

2: Describe your invention in terms of how it solves the problems described in paragraph 1.

Specifically identify the new or novel features of your invention. Describe the construction and operation of the invention including drawings (flow charts, schematics, block diagrams, mechanical drawings, photographs, etc.) You may attach documentation in the form of letters, memos, engineering notebook pages, etc. if available, or you may use as many invention disclosure data sheets as necessary. Be sure each page is s...