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Buddy List Shortcut Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030810D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-27
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Disclosure is a process and a visual mock up design that is designed to alleviate some of the repetitiveness of opening and closing several messaging Windows.

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Buddy List Shortcut

In instant messaging it is quite common for users to copy and paste information between messaging windows. As we are corresponding with one buddy list member and we want to forward/send that information to another buddy list member we copy the text from one messaging window (Buddy A) , open a messaging window with another instant messaging buddy (Buddy B), paste the copied text into Buddy B's messaging session and then press send in Buddy B's messaging session to send the information to Buddy B. This process is tolerable, although very inconvient, for forwarding/sending information to only 1 buddy on our buddy list. However, if you want to send text to several buddies on your buddy list it can be a bit cumbersome to open several buddy windows, copy and paste info, close and send the information to several buddy list members.

To alleviate some of the repetitiveness of opening and closing several messaging Windows, we propose adding a function that allows a user to highlight text in a messaging session and then have the option to send that information directly to a messaging buddy or a group of messaging buddies. As the user selects the text in a messaging session an additional function could be added to the applications context menu that allows the user to send information directly to any of the buddies on line or to a group of on-line buddy list members. Having the "Send to:" function directly embedded in 1 window reduces keystrokes and keeps...