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Mechanism for Programmatically Determining When Dynamic, Cached Data, Needs to be Refreshed Automatically on a Displayed Page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030812D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Aug-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Aug-27

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Today, when a page is loaded many browsers, such as Internet Explorer, give you a way to configure your browser in such a manner as to check for newer versions of stored, i.e. cached, pages prior to a page being displayed. However, with the dynamic nature of many pages today there is no mechanism for a user to indicate when, or if at all, they'd like the page they are currently viewing to be refreshed with the latest data. The user can do this manually via a Refresh but some 'dynamic' and configurable method is needed for the user to indicate what they'd like to do. This removes the need for a button to be placed on the web page via the application, or for the client to have to hit Refresh to designate when the dynamic data should be refreshed. Ideally you'd like for the client's configuration to permit client control over when and how they wanted to see updated dynamic content displayed. This article provides a description of a possible mechanism to permit this.