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Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-01
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Fleet Management Multi-customer Software Product.

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Such a product is able to quickly create and handle different Customer Fleet

Management Contracts where any of them have own: WorkFlow,data integration mode,staging process,data filters,events of process,Reports etc.. The winner idea is to configure each contract into database (DB2) with regular informations plus many SQL commands already written and used directley by the programs. Even the look of the graphic interface programs and the informations showed on are configurated in this way.

Because of this way of storing SQL commands (other that regular data) the main program is very small and easy to maintain: see hereunder the paragraph Access Data 3.

List of supported process:

Load Customer orders from any kind of web-site (after customer permission) or






Access Data:

Access into database is protect with UserID and 2 Passwords, one insert at the


logon by the user and the other is hidden to the User because appended by the program.

This way avoids to access into the database via the ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity, a format from Microsoft Corporation requires use of Microsoft software such MS-Access, MS-Excel, Cristal Report etc..) or other way. The hidden password is stored into special crypted table.

Any User can be configurated to handle only the contract/service/processes it

need to know.

One can access data records in 3 differents ways, both of them protect with


Intranet Client for internal user ....(250 KB)