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Multiple PCI and PCIxpress adapters within a single slot Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030913D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-01
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Multiple PCI and PCI express adapters within a single slot

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Multiple PCI and PCIxpress adapters within a single slot

For many years now, personal computers have had PCI and AGP card slots. In 2004 the PCI express card slot is being introduced and the AGP slot removed. For information on the PCI express interface visit

Many small personal computers have very limited room for adapter slots. Some use a riser card at a right angle to the main board. The riser allows a shorter machine to be designed. On a machine with only two slots on a riser what should the mix be for PCI express and PCI slots? Should they both be PCI express or only one and keep one PCI slot. Some customers may want two PCI slots and no PCIe slots.

Not knowing the answer to these questions, a more flexible design is needed. A riser connector has been designed that allows different risers to be used . The risers that can be used are as follows. One has two PCI slots. One has two PCIe express slots. One has one of each. Different models of the computer system can be built depending on customer demand. During the development of the computer system, the riser that has one PCIe slot and one PCI was changed. The PCIe slot was expanded to also allow a ADD2-R card to be used. The ADD2-R card is a Digital video out adapter card based on Intel's Advanced Digital Display 2 (ADD2) design.

In order to support these different risers the riser connector has to have both the PCI and PCIe signals. Standard PCI connectors have 50 mil spacing betwe...