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Sync on Dock Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030925D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-01
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IBM has a product called Rescue and Recovery (RnR) which performs full image backups to either the local drive and/or remote drive. The best protection is to a remote drive as a user can fully recover even when the hard drive physical fails. However backup to a remote drive is "spotty" at best as it requires the user to attach the remote drive and perform the backup operation. This disclosure adds automatic backup to a remote drive when the laptop is attached to the docking station.

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Sync on Dock

The laptop can detect when it is connected to the docking station . When connected it will perform an incremental snapshot of the full drive image to the docking station . Advantages are an automatic method of performing a backup and ensuring the user has a recent backup on a remote hard drive in case of drive failure .

RnR agent (Sync on Dock) is always running on laptop. The user has set by policy how often to update the backup on the dock . When the laptop docks the laptop motherboard can detect this as a pin on the docking connector is pulled low . This generates an interrupt to the RnR agent. The agent does the following:

1) Check dock to see if hard drive present on dock. No --> exit
2) Check for backup on local laptop hard drive. Present? Yes --> check against dock backup date, if later copy and replace dock backup (also copy if no backup on dock drive)
3) Check date of dock backup, compare to current date, delta greater than set policy? No --> exit
4) Start backup of laptop to dock hard drive