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Method for Customer Management of Server Microcode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030937D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-01
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Application for customer management of server microcode. The following are combined into this single application: 1. Covers management of flashable microcode/firmware. 2. Each hardware device is managed independantly, regardless if multiple devices share the same update. 3. Seamless management of all microcode/firmware packages across multiple vendors. 4. Ability to setup local repository, enabling cloning of microcode/firmware levels across multiple systems. 5. Multiple repository selections, including website, retain, CDROM, FTP directory. 6. Ability to update all or any subset of devices. 7. Ability to manage multiple systems from a single control point/GUI. 8. Sequencing installation of multiple microcode/firmware packages, based on system/device impact. 9. Survey, download, and installation/flash. 10. Contamination Protection - Does not allow installation of wrong code type. 11. Downlevel Protection - Detection/warnings to prevent accidental installation of downlevel microcode. 12. Corruption Protection - Does not allow installation of incomplete or corrupted code packages. 13. Pre-req & Co-req checking - Prevents installation of microcode/firmware on a system which does not meet the requirements 14. Back out process - Ability to backout to previous microcode/firmware level 15. Option of advanced or basic mode. Basic mode updates all downlevel devices in one step. Advanced mode allows for selection of individual devices for update.

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Method for Customer Management of Server Microcode

Single Application

Select Repository Location

Select System(s)

Retrieve Catalog File


Survey levels of devices


Display Survey Results

Advanced Mode

Basic Mode

User Interface

Select device(s) to update

Retrieve file(s) needed for update


distribute and install updates

Verify and Confirm levels


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Advanced Mode Operation:

1. User selects repository location. Repository location is where the catalog file containing latest levels of microcode is retained, as well all the microcode files. Repository can be on the local system being updated, CDROM, Website or FTP site.
2. User then selects to survey local system or group of systems.
3. Application retrieves catalog file from repository location selected in step 1.
4. Application collects all current device microcode levels for system or group of systems selected.
5. Application compares survey results of current device microcode levels against latest device microcode levels defined in catalog file.
6. Results of survey compare are displayed by system and device indicating which devices are at the latest level, and which sevices are downlevel.
7. User selects device or group of devices to be updated.
8. Application retrieves files need to update selected devices, distributes update files, and initiates update.
9. Application verifies updates by surveying system and...