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Dynamic Updates To End User Status In An Instant Messaging Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030959D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-02
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Additional software should be created that will make the determination of end user status in an instant messaging environment more automated and dynamic

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Dynamic Updates To End User Status In An Instant Messaging Environment

Main Idea

Instant messaging systems are very popular in both business and consumer environments.One component of 'Instant Messaging' software (such as Lotus Sametime) is the ability to have end usersmanually establish and change their 'Status' of themselves or determine the status of messaging partners. Typically, status (today) is statically set by the user as either 'open to receiving messages' or 'offline, busy, go away, etc' or ' I'll be back in 5 minutes' etc.

     The problem this invention disclosure addresses is that the adjustment to end user status in instant messaging systems is typically very static and infrequent (done just a few times per day) and requires end users to manually adjust their status settings.True end user status is a very dynamic and evolving state; A typical IBMrs status changes 12 times or more during the business day. Examples; Sometimes You're at work but at meetings and can't answer instant messages, sometimes you're at work and at a meeting and can answer instant messages, sometimes you're not logged on so You can't receive or respond to any messages instantly, etc. Often logged on users of instant messaging software do not dynamically modify their messaging status throughout the day to reflect their actual status. The current state of instant messaging software results in many instant messages going unanswered or worse forces end users to answer instant messages...